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Teaching and Learning Resources Division


  • Organization of Faculty Development Program
  • Organization of Teaching Assistants Orientation/Workshops
  • Tasks pertaining to Digital Course: Blackboard, E-portfolio
  • Services pertaining to Teaching Award Measures
  • Services pertaining to Student Award Measures
  • Services pertaining to Teaching Development Meetings
  • Coordination of MOE Programs
  • Services pertaining to Higher Education SPROUT Project
  • Services pertaining to Teaching Practice Research Program



Dr. Wen-Chun Lin  林玟君

Acting DivisionDirector


Phone: 02-2322-6338

Email: fnwjlin@ntub.edu.tw

Tai-Ying Hsu 許台瀅

Phone: 02-2322-6617

Email: tyhsu69@ntub.edu.tw

Shu-Ping Chen 陳淑萍

Phone: 02-2322-6189

Email: pingcs@ntub.edu.tw

Yuan-Ning Chu 朱爰寧

Phone: 02-2322-6371

Email: cyn0805@ntub.edu.tw

Chia-Chi Hsu 許佳琦

Phone: 02-2322-6283

Email: bear37@ntub.edu.tw

Ai-Hsun Lin 林艾珣

Phone: 02-2322-6361

Email: aihsunlin@ntub.edu.tw