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About Us

To enhance the quality of teaching and learning, the Center for Teaching and Learning Development was established under the Office of Academic Affairs. This group will specifically be organized to deal with this task working with the Center for Teaching and Learning Development which is specifically in charge of promoting business development concepts. Establishing a complete teaching and learning environment is the axis of the Center for Teaching and Learning Development. Our division endeavors to promote the professional development of teaching activities, online teaching and multimedia teaching materials, integrating related to teaching resources, conducting the teaching evaluation, establishing the evaluation mechanism of students nurturing with the result of teaching and tutoring, and other affairs that are related to teaching and learning development. We also provide assistance for each department in order to promote an environment of excellence in teaching with handling the innovation of teaching in a proactive fashion. This initiative hopes that it can motivate teachers to pursue excellent teaching methodologies and also encourage students to pursue first class learning skill. With the successful implementation of this proactive strategy the intention is to make NTUB the leader in the technical and vocational education system.