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Language Learning Section

1.    To schedule the courses of language center and arrange the labs for teaching and learning purposes.

2.    To provide the sufficient facilities for language teaching and training.

3.    To collect diverse audio-visual foreign-language materials and films for instruction and learning.

4.    To provide vivacious and multi-dimensional language learning lectures, activities and hold the TOEIC campus test.

5.    To develop and promote an environment favorable for learning foreign languages and assist students in enhancing their foreign language skills.



Instructional Development Section

1.    Program for Promoting Teaching Excellence of Universities

2.    Hosts TA training and assessment: Regulations, training, learning, payroll issuance, funds verification

3.    Administrating Teaching Evaluation: Regulations, learning, counseling

4.    Offering training courses: Learning, Lecture

5.    Team learning merit award: application, the review team meeting

6.    Holding Academic Affairs Meeting

7.    Collecting prime commercial personnel in Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence in Northern Region and managing funding plans

8.    The Ministry of Education grants vocational college edutainment industry experts collaborative teaching project: planning application, funds verification

9.    E-portfolio: managementtrainingpromotecontest

10.  E-learning management